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Carlyon Bay beaches June 2011 after unauthorised shuttering removed

Two thirds of the Carlyon Bay beaches would be covered in concrete  

Carlyon Bay Watch has consistently argued for an appropriate use to be found for the old Cornwall Coliseum site on Crinnis, the only part of the beaches previously developed.  But building over 500 dwellings, extending over Shorthorn as well, is not appropriate.  The developers say they have altered their plans but they have not reduced the size of this massive project which will double the number of dwellings in the Carlyon Bay area.

We submitted a formal document to Cornwall Council's planners objecting to this scheme, examining the proposals in detail. The full document is too big for us to publish here but we have provided links to as much as we can.   You may find some fascinating bits of information in our submission which do not appear in the developer's application!

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - The Extant - An Empty Threat 
 -  What is the Extant? 
 -  The 1990 Permission 
 -  ‘Fall Back’ Issues raised at the Public Inquiry
 -  Extant is not Viable 
 -  Conclusions

Section 3 - Protecting the Coastal Zone 
Previously Developed Land 
 -  Flood Risk
 -  Economic Growth 
 -  Local Plans 
 -  Conclusions

Section 4 - Traffic and Transport issues 
 -  Introduction
 -  Congested Arterial Road Network
 -  Site Access Road Eastward 
 -  Site Access Road Westward
 -  The Construction Phase
 -  Green Travel
 -  Car Parking
 -  Planning Policy Guidance 13
 -  Transport and Traffic
 -  Future Traffic Growth 

Section 5 - Critique of Section 106 Draft

Section 6 - The Socio - Economic Perspective
 -  Employment
 -  Employment and Parking
 -  How Many People?
 -  Conclusions

Section 7 - Tourism and Beaches

Section 8 - Bathing Water Quality

Section 9 - Coastal and Marine Access 
 -  Protecting what has been established 
 -  In Law in Perpetuity
 -  Conclusions

Section 10 - Geological Issues 
 -  Conclusions
Notes with reference to radioactivity
 -  Notes with reference to Toxicity
 -  Notes with reference to Subsidence 
 -  Notes with reference
to Levee Failure – Katrina Floods – 2005

Section 11- Sustainability
 -  Outline
Documented History 
 -  1990
 -  2002 – 2006
 -  Developers View of EA Options
 -  Current Proposal
Predicting the Future
 -  The Governments View 
 -  Sustainability of the Beach Profile
 -  Conclusions 

Section 12- The Ampersand Group Ltd. Accounts 

Section 13- Who will meet the costs
 -  The Insurance Option
 -  Further Financial Risks to the Taxpayer 

Section 14- Corporate Discontinuity 

Section 15- Public Opinion

Section 16- A Cornish Village

Section 16- Conclusions



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